When should you get your car serviced?

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Everyone wants a car that’s durable and works perfectly for a long period of time, but such supreme condition of the car comes at a cost. It certainly does not involve many expenses, you just need to take a little care of your car regularly because it is worth it and car serviced is car perfect.

Regularly servicing your car is one way one can achieve an extremely smooth and long-lasting car because regular servicing not only enhances the efficiency of mechanical components but also contributes hugely to an improved reliability, economy and a high value of resale. Without regular servicing, your car gets prone to frequent breakdowns that may cost you a fortune for repair. Refer to the manual you should have received while buying the car, for maintenance information specific to your car and service your car as often as suggested. The manual is an essential source of information that can guide you in what is good for the car and what is not, it can also inform you various things one should be cautious while dealing with the car.


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The frequency of servicing your car depends on its age and type of usage, old cars and roughly-used cars would need an oil  and filter change every 10,000kms or every six months whichever comes first, for smooth running. All cars have different service requirements, however, common things to check/change while servicing are:

  • Engine oil (the dark one is bad and the clear yellow is good, also keep note if it is full or not)



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  • Engine oil filter


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  • A Safety Check.

A safety check should include operation of lights, condition of tyres and exhaust and functioning of brakes and steering. It’s a good idea to wash your car often.( U-joints are a usual wear item on four wheel drive vehicles, and certain SUVs & trucks).

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